Forest City to Restart Work at Stalled Modular B2 Tower Next Month

The stalled Atlantic Yards/Prospect Park modular B2 tower in Prospect Heights.


    Major development: Forest City Ratner will restart work at the stalled B2 modular tower whose construction problems led to lawsuits between it and former partner Skanska.

    It will start by “tightening up the tolerances” of the current top floor of modules, then it will realign some modules, and possibly lift and reset some modules with the crane, wrote the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report, based on a construction bulletin. That will set the stage for stacking the next bunch of modules, to build the 11th, 12th and 13th floors.

    Mind you, this doesn’t mean Forest City is admitting there’s an issue with the design, just that they’ve solved whatever the problem was.

    Work will resume at the site on the first of April, weather permitting, the bulletin said. Click through for more photos of the stalled tower. We took them in late January.

    Modules in B2 Prefab Tower Must Be Realigned [AYR]



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