Fantastic 4th? Eh, We’ll See


We think the upzoning of Fourth Avenue made a lot of sense, especially in the context of preserving the brownstone blocks near it. But if the Novo at 343 4th Avenue is any indication of what’s to come, this won’t exactly be a boulevard of beauty (unless your idea of beauty is early-80’s Holiday Inn chic). Luckily for developers, though, looks don’t matter too much when it comes to selling condos in this part of town, if one is believe the account in today’s NY Post about the demand for units in the Boymelgreen building:

“It was crazy,” says Dave Bell, one of those who waited on line the first afternoon and made a bid. “I actually didn’t get [an apartment] at first … I called my broker that night and told her I wanted it and to make an offer, but someone had already gotten it. But I decided to put my name on the waiting list.” Three weeks later – after the first offers had fallen through – Bell’s offer was accepted.

Then again, with one bedrooms available in the low-$300’s, buyers were perhaps willing to compromise on design.

4thavenmontage.jpgAccording to the same article, The Crest at 302 Second Street (right, top), sold eight (of 68) units in the first day on the market last weekend. Prices here start at $354,000 for a one bedroom. The Post includes a list of some other projects in the pipeline: The 49-unit Park Slope Court at 110 Fourth Avenue; 255 Fourth Ave., a 41-unit boutique Scarano Architects and Developers Group project at Carroll Street; The Argyle, 410 Fourth Avenue, at Seventh Street, a 12-story, 54-unit condo; and 500 Fourth Avenue, at 12th Street, a 137-unit, 12-story luxury building. And don’t forget the Andres Escobar-designed boutique hotel (right, bottom) on the west side of the street. Even the Fifth Avenue Committee is now located on Fourth Avenue! Columbia Prof and New York history expert Kenneth Jackson has a theory: “What you’re seeing is a move towards the water,” he told The Post.” “It used to be that people were always afraid to get too far down the hill. Now, it’s, ‘How can I get to work?'”
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