Congregation Wants To Sell Soul to Devil-oper


    Following a particularly contentious meeting last week between preservationists and members of the congregation, a peaceful resolution over the fate of the United Methodist Church in Bay Ridge looks increasingly unlikely. During a meeting last night at the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, the church congregation made it clear to me that they are not interested in any proposal that includes keeping the church structure,” said City Councilmember Vincent Gentile, who has been pushing to save the 1899 stone structure from destruction. This is particularly ironic given that the congregation applied for a listing on the National Register of Historic Places less than a decade ago. With peace talks having broken down, it’s looking like holy war. A new group, the Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, was formed this week to try to stop the sale of the church to a developer and and almost certain disfigurement, if not demolition. If there are any Bay Ridgers reading, we’d be curious to know the extent to which this is dividing the community. From what we gather, the congregation has only itself to blame, having rejected offers of help from St. Bartholomew’s in Manhattan a couple of years ago to help it grow increase its membership and financial resources. The Committee is holding a meeting on Tuesday, April 24th at 220 Ovington Avenue at 7 p.m. to gather ideas & support from the community at large. For more information, contact Kathleen Walker at 917-971-8387 or email SaveTheGreenChurch AT yahoo DOT com.
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