City Council Candidate Vows to Try to Downzone Greenpoint Waterfront If Elected


    City Council candidate Stephen Pierson said if he is elected, he will fight the Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street developments on two fronts. One, he will sue to ask a court to review the city’s 2005 rezoning because the environmental impact report done at the time is now outdated, said a story in DNAinfo. The suit would request a change from R8 to R6 zoning, which would cap the buildings at 15 stories. Two, he said, he would also try to get the area downzoned at the City Council and community board level. (The community board voted no on the 2005 rezoning but was ignored.) Previously, the city downsized heights allowed on Grand Street in Williamsburg in 2008, said the story. “I am not opposed to development,” said Pierson. “However, development must proceed responsibly, and within the context and infrastructure capabilities of our existing communities. I’ve seen no evidence that Greenpoint Landing and Commercial Street are responsible or can be supported by Greenpoint’s infrastructure.” Note: The developers of 77 Commercial Street are waiting on a rezone so they can build 400 feet higher, and they hope to get it from the city via the land-use review process. What do you think of Pierson’s statements?

    City Council Candidate Pledges to Fight Slated Greenpoint Towers in Court [DNAinfo]

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