Chinese Company Greenland to Buy 70 Percent Stake in Atlantic Yards


    Chinese property developer Greenland Holdings Group, which is owned by the Chinese state, has agreed to buy a majority stake, or 70 percent, in the remaining as-yet-unbuilt Atlantic Yards project, owned by Forest City Ratner, The Wall Street Journal reported. The purchase would not include the first tower, known as B2, which is already going up next to the arena. How much Greenland will pay for the ownership stake was not disclosed, and the deal will not close for some time, because it needs to be reviewed by Chinese and U.S. officials.

    The purchase may hasten the construction of the remaining towers, which were originally expected to be completed as early as this year, according to the Journal. (Above, the rail yard over which some of the towers will be built.) It’s unclear how much Forest City Ratner will benefit from the deal. In September, an exec with company that owns FCR said “the company wasn’t expecting to receive more than the cost of the land in any sale at Atlantic Yards,” said the Journal.

    The remaining towers are residential except for one office building and retail space. Greenland is also working on some other high-profile projects, including what will likely be China’s tallest skyscraper, in Wuhan and, in Sydney, the tallest apartment building.

    Chinese Developer Greenland to Take Majority Stake in Atlantic Yards Apartment Project [WSJ]


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