Bertha Lewis and Daniel Goldstein Exchange Words


    Michael Galinsky, one of the filmmakers behind the Atlantic Yards documentary “Battle for Brooklyn,” has uploaded this deleted scene from the movie to Vimeo. Galinsky says that people who have seen the film frequently ask why ACORN isn’t featured in the movie and “the answer is you can’t do everything in a 90 minute film.” This scene from the cutting room floor, though, shows an encounter between Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn’s Daniel Goldstein and ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis following a press conference in which Lewis is shown talking about ACORN’s support for Atlantic Yards. Things get a little heated around the 1:55-minute mark, after Goldstein tells Lewis that a lot of tenants in the project’s footprint have already been booted from their apartments. The movie is screening at Cinema Village; more info on its official site.
    Bertha Lewis – ACORN scene from BfB [Vimeo]
    Battle for Brooklyn [Official Site]

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