Barclays Center Fined for Noise Violations


    During an October 27th show at the Barclays Center, “Sensation,” a group of Dutch dance and techno-music DJs were so loud that they violated city noise regulations inside apartments at the Newswalk condos more than a block away. A city Department of Environmental Protection inspector found that sound inside an apartment hit 74 decibels, far above the legal limit of 62. Forest City Ratner was issued a $3,200 fine. However it was dismissed because the summons should have been written to the subsidiary that runs the arena. A new ticket has been issued and a hearing is scheduled for April. One Newswalk resident told the New York Post, “It was so loud that night that I had my headphones on watching TV — and I could still feel the vibration and hear the noise from the show.” The city also tested for noise during the Jay-Z and Justin Bieber shows but found no violations. That wasn’t surprising to the Newswalk resident who said that the city tested the noise levels for both concerts when no one was performing. Atlantic Yards Watch has compiled a map of noise complaints that stretch a block or more in nearly every direction from the arena. You can also read Atlantic Yards Report’s comprehensive coverage of noise issues here and more about Sensation here. Any readers being kept up late by thumping bass from the arena?

    Barclays Center Slapped with Fine After Noisy Dutch Dance Show [NY Post]


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