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Image: It’s a Girl in Forest Hills


So many people in Queens have mothers who hail from far off lands, and if your mother isn’t foreign born, surely you have a grandmother with international idiosyncrasies. We stumbled across this website with the unfortunate name “my mom is a fob.” Started by Serena and Teresa Wu, the site is intended to poke fun at Asian moms, but anyone with a mother from the motherland can relate. It’s hard to say which of the comments on the site are the funniest, so we will leave that to you to decide. This is pretty typical:

I was very upset one day and sent out a text to my entire family, making sure to put everything in caps, and ended the message with “WTF!?” Everyone responded with texts along the lines of “Haha,” or “LOL.”

Except for my mother. A few minutes later, I received this text message: “What does that mean, ‘Wednesday Thursday Friday’?”

Gotta love moms.


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