Kew Gardens Hills


This two-bedroom rental is part of a four-story building in Kew Gardens Hills. The two bedrooms and living room are both look very spacious. The kitchen is on the smaller side, but it still has good counter and cabinet space. The bathroom has a small window and new elegant tiles. Broker fee, heat, and hot water is included in the monthly rent of $1,700.

There are small shops, grocery stores, and dining options around the building. The Q20A, Q20B, Q44, Q46, QM1, QM5, QM6, and QM7 buses are all within walking distance. The nearest train (E, F) is a 20-minute walk or an 11-minute bus ride away, and the Kew Gardens LIRR station is a 5-minute drive from the building. Click through for more photos.

79-22 147th Street, #E4 [Swythe Inc] GMAP


Paramount Pictures is currently promoting Noah, an epic feature film based on the well-known Biblical character and his equally well-known ark. The movie has generated tremendous controversy and coverage by Christian and Jewish media outlets. Can mammon-soaked Hollywood create a film that respectfully portrays Noah and his tremendous faith? How much artistic license do the actors — including Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins — take?

This Monday, the Museum of the Moving Image will screen this blockbuster, followed by a wide-ranging conversation with Darren Aronofsky, the film’s director, and Patti Smith, who wrote a lullaby, “Mercy Is,” for the soundtrack. They will discuss everything from the spiritual details behind making the movie to how Smith, who is known as the “Godmother of Punk Rock,” could create a lullaby. Has she gone soft? At the end of the event, Smith, whose 1975 song “Gloria” includes the line “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine,” will sing “Mercy Is.”

Details: An Evening with Darren Aronofsky, Patti Smith and Noah, Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35th Avenue, Kaufman Astoria District, November 17th, 7 pm, $25. 

Photos: Noah Movie


When the Queens County Savings Bank main branch, at Main Street and 76th Avenue, was constructed in 1953, it was meant to be a replica of…

… Independence Hall in Philadelphia. In fact, it has a Liberty Bell model in the lobby, minus the famed crack.

The Queens County Savings Bank at 75-44 Main Street was erected from 1952-1953 and opened February 15th, 1954. It was considered by locals to be the center of a then expanding village. In 1954, it won a building award by the Queens Chamber of Commerce as part of its annual competition.

The bank overlooks a triangle called Freedom Square, which features a flagpole dedicated to Theodore Herzl. A Hungarian Jew, Herzl (1860-1904) was the founder of modern Zionism. He supported the establishment of a Jewish national state and organized the first Zionist World Congress in 1897, serving as its president until his death. The city renamed Ames Street in Brownsville, Brooklyn, for Herzl in 1913.


Pharaohs Army Fitness Club is the newest contender on Queens Boulevard.

Now a days, gyms are usually filled with various machines, almost too many for people to choose from. Yet, what if there is an even better way of exercising without using any machines at all?

Ari Harris, the owner and founder of Pharaohs Army Fitness Club, believes that Kettle Bells are the new revolution to a better way of losing weight and staying in shape. “My facility, will have no machines,” Harris said. “My tag line is, ‘we don’t use machines; we build machines.’”

Located on 116-16 Queens Blvd. (GMAP), a busy neighborhood between Kew Gardens and Forest Hills, Harris will be opening an army styled fitness club, where the main focus and equipment will be kettle bells and Total Body Exercise (TRX) suspension.