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On Monday, we reported a tip we got about a bunch of fire trucks showing up at the Forte Condo site and rumor of an injured worker. We are sad to report that we just received word that one worker was, in fact, killed. John Martinez, 46, fell three floors to his death at 9:19 a.m. on February 5. A Partial Stop Work Order that has been put in place states that there was “no protection in hoist area on ground floor. Door openings at hoist not secured.” As we understand, work is being allowed to continue on the lower floors. Very sad indeed.
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The block of Adelphi between Myrtle and Park is not one of Fort Greene’s most picturesque but one developer is betting that the lack of sexy, modern condos in the area will be enough to lure buyers this close to the BQE. The double-lot new-build — to be called Verdi on Adelphi — will have sixteen units, all of them with outdoor spaces. Except for the two two-bedroom penthouses, the building will be comprised of one-bedrooms. There’s nothing to look at yet, but the price points are interesting: Most of the places are priced between $365,000 and $410,000. We suspect that there will a lot of younger buyers whom this will appeal to.
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Whether it’s the bonuses or the fact that buyers are tired of waiting for the long-predicted bursting of the bubble, it feels to us like there’s been a perceptible uptick in market sentiment in the last few weeks. We don’t have any hard facts to back that up, but certainly the strong interest in 100 Decatur Street showed that there a ton of buyers out there. The owners of 351 Adelphi Street apparently have figured this out and decided to raise the asking price of their Fort Greene brick house 10 percent. Back when we had it listed as an Open House Pick in October it was at $1,900,000. Now it’s $2,100,000. It’s a great looking house. We shall see.
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The Forte Condo is open for business. Though far from complete, the Ashland Place tower is more than ready to take deposit checks, as evidenced by the temporary sales office on Fulton Street. The B-line apartments (above) are the first to come on the market, though there seems to be a lack of consensus between Corcoran and the developer, Clarett Group, on whether the space is actually a one bedroom or a studio loft. But hey, if you’re willing to shell out the $500,000 asking price for the 707-square-foot, fourth-floor space, we bet they’ll let you call it whatever the hell you want.
230 Ashland Place, Apt. 4B [NY Times] GMAP
Forte’s Law: Doubling Height Every Month [Brownstoner]
From Cheesecake to Condos on Fulton [Brownstoner]
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What do you do if you’re an architect looking to sell your charming 2-bedroom apartment in one of the nicer co-op buildings in Fort Greene? FSBO all the way. The approach is nuthin’ fancy — just a blogspot site with the simplest, cleanest design template — but it works. While we’ve got no idea whether he’ll get any takers at the asking price of $685,000 for 950 square feet, we were just excited to see the photo of the common garden (on the jump) that appears to be shared also with the neighboring townhouses. What’s the story with that?
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We passed by this garbage can container on Lafayette Dekalb Avenue recently and thought it was an interesting twist on the traditional shed that one usually sees. Quite an elegant solution. Any other interesting approaches people have taken to garbage can concealment?


It’s not a big price cut, but the fact that this 16th floor one bedroom at One Hanson Place just had $12,000 knocked off its asking price is certainly newsworthy given the high profile and expectations of the conversion. It’s also not like this is on the second floor facing an alley — check out the light from those windows! This particular unit has been on the market since early September, according to Natefind. We counted a total of 17 available units between the 9th and 32nd floors. What’s happening with the lower floors? Any other news on how sales are going?
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Fort Greene
62 St. Felix Street
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Clinton Hill
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Dyker Heights
1210 Bay Ridge Parkway
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Prospect Lefferts Gardens
102 Rutland Road
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Slim pickings this week! Guess there’s still a holiday lag in effect.


With all the griping we do about crappy new design, we’ve always got an eye out for affordable housing that qualifies as “not that bad,” especially townhouse-style homes. Despite the air conditioner cut-outs and white window frames, this row of buildings on Fort Greene Place strikes us as being an inoffensive addition to a block that is admittedly not one of the area’s finest. The materials (mix of attractive brick and stone) and proportions (stoop height, window spacing), though, are fine, especially for what we suspect was a publicly-funded effort to build affordable housing. Please email us photos of other relatively successful attempts to build inexpensive contextual housing in a brownstone neighborhood. GMAP


When Curbed checked in on Forte’s progress in early December the Flatiron-of-Fort-Greene was about six stories high; as of this past weekend, it was over twelve. How long before it tops off at 28? Anyone know who will be marketing the 108 condo units and then sales will get under way?
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