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Tonight’s joint meeting of the Society for Clinton Hill and the Fort Greene Association should be particularly interesting. Historian Andrew Dolkart will be giving a presentation about the number of historic structures in the area that aren’t currently protected by Landmark law. The groups have proposed expanding the Fort Greene Historic District three blocks east as far as Ashland Place, to the far side of Fulton Street to the South and all the way to Myrtle Avenue to the north (see map on the jump). One of these structures is the Paul Robeson Theater (originally the Fourth Universalist Church) at 40 Greene Avenue, which happens to be where the meeting will take place at 7:30 tonight. Also on the agenda: Details on a plan put together by a coalition of community groups that DOT doesn’t want to give the time of day.


Contracts have recently been signed at two big-money properties in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene. The former Gallilee Baptist Church at 447 Clinton Avenue finally has a buyer; the most recent asking price was $4.3 million but not sure what it went to contract for. Presumably this will be converted into condos. Let’s hope the developers don’t f*&% it up! A few blocks to the west overlooking Fort Greene park, the immaculately appointed brownstone at 181 Washington Park is also now in contract. After originally hitting the market at $4 million, the five-story house was reduced first to $3.8 million before ending up at its final asking price of $3.6 million. Anyone know if this is where the deal got done?
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Given the number of beautiful old churches in the borough that have fallen into disrepair for lack of financial resources, it’s always great to see a major restoration underway. The Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church at the corner of South Oxford Street in Fort Greene is now in Phase Two of its restoration project. Phase One consisted of installing a new slate roof and copper gutters as well as repairing structural elements of the wooden cornice. Now, focus is on restoring the brownstone exterior and repairing and painting the exterior woodwork, including the cornice, window frames and doors; to top it off, the funds are being raised to restore the incredible collection of Louis Tiffany-designed stained glass windows. This reminds us of the unfortunate situation at St. Bartholomew’s on Pacific Street in Crown Heights where the aging congregation is having a hard time keeping up with the maintenance demands of its beautiful old structure and grounds.
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We checked up on the development at 235-239 Cumberland Street in Fort Greene last week. There’s very little information in the DOB filings, but when we discussed the project last year, it came out in the comments that this is a 4-unit building is being developed by the owners of the adjacent frame house. While it’s hard to say until the Tyvek gets covered, but it looks like a great deal of care was taken to make the design fit into the landmarked block. The brick quality looks good as do the windows and lintels (weird call on that long single lintel on the right-hand portion of the building, though). It’s probably safe to assume that there will be a cornice. Anyone know anything about timing, pricing or broker?
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While no where near as badly off as the houses on Officers Row, Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is in pretty serious need of a restoration. What a great building though! It has a pleasing symmetry and simplicity to it that make its year of origin a little hard to pinpoint. The doorway and lintels look straight out of an 1870’s brownstone, but the brick composition and lack of other design flourishes suggest a simpler (i.e. earlier) time. We haven’t been able to find any information about its history online and are hoping readers will be able to chip in.


It’s rare to find a total shell of a brownstone in Fort Greene these days, but Townsley & Gay has a quintessential one on Clermont Avenue listed for $975,000 (cash only). Set Speed says the building is in such bad shape that the price “might as well be considered the cost of the land.” While the interior photos (which T&G deserves credit for being so forthcoming with) reveal that there’s really nothing left to save on the inside, we hope that the LPC won’t let the facade be torn down. (The building is safely within the FG Historic District.) The listing mentions that the house is a former SRO, but doesn’t mention whether the Certificate of No Harrassment has been gotten already. Given all this, what do you think about the price?
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Clermont Ave shell on market for $975K [Set Speed]


We got an email asking us what was up with the large lot being developed on Vanderbilt between Willoughby and Myrtle. As we reported last summer, we’re looking at two buildings, one at 174 Vanderbilt and one at 181 Clermont, that will share an interior courtyard with a large circular fountain. All in all, 73 units and 38 parking spaces. Work has barely begun, but the renderings look pretty high-end. And given the massing of the building on the Myrtle side of this project, it shouldn’t look out of scale either. No complaints from us on this one. So far.
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We came across this listing on Craigslist for a 49-by-115-foot lot for sale, supposedly in Fort Greene, for $2,300,000. The listing claims it’s zoned R6, which means a developer could build more than 15,000 square feet as of right. Assuming the house is worth nothing (which is a fair bet in this scenario), then you’re talking about $150 a buildable foot. So the big questions is where is this located? We’re guessing between Myrtle and Park somewhere between Washington and Clermont, judging from the slope of the hill. Who can be a little more precise?
Two-Family Townhouse with Lots of Land [Craiglist]


You’d think that after a year and a half of no takers the owners of this corner property in the 1990’s Ratner townhouse development along Fulton Avenue in Fort Greene would wake up and smell the coffee. Yes, it has parking and, yes, it has a large (albeit very un-private yard), but people looking to spend $1.5 million for a house don’t want a low-ceilinged, charmless place like this. Sorry. The market has clearly spoken on this one. Guess the owner doesn’t really care about selling.
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