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Even if the listing for today’s HOTD on Bergen Street didn’t include a photo with an easel and frames in it, one might still be able to guess that an artist lived there. The house has a very pleasing (in our opinion) vibe that is at once minimalist and respectful of its architectural history. (Either that, or the owner is using a great stager!) The listing is a little skimpy on photos though so it’s impossible to know if the rest of the house has the same feel. The fact that the 16-footer is located between New York and Brooklyn Avenues in the footprint of first phase of Crown Heights North landmark district makes the $850,000 asking price a little easier to digest, no?
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The current owner of 1441 Dean Street paid just $626,000 when he bought the three-story, two-family house last June. Since then, he’s clearly done a lot of cosmetic work, polying the heck out of the floors and making the gorgeous wood paneling look its best. It’s unclear what else he did — nothing that required a DOB permit, that’s for sure. Given that the house falls outside the proposed Crown Heights North Historic District and is only three stories, the asking price of $849,000 feels a tad aggressive. We also wonder whether those floors might be a little too glossy in person. Waddya think?
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Readers know that one of our pet peeves is the omission of addresses from real estate listings; that omission is particularly galling when a broker fails to respond to an email request for an address. You’d think the free publicity would be enough. Not one Brooklyn Heights Real Estate broker. The radio silence and the lack of interior photos make us wonder whether this “Grand Dame” across from the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in Crown Heights is not an exclusive. (That, and the fact that the broker thinks it’s located in Bedford Stuyvesant.) Regardless, this baby looks awfully charming from the outside, though the listing does disclose that it’s in need of “total” restoration. Given that fact and the square footage of 3,872, we’d say that the asking price of $1,500,000 is rather aggressive. Thoughts? Update: We know now that the address is 875 St. Marks Avenue and have been sent a few photos of the interior which are posted above and on the jump.
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We are happy to see that beautiful rounded-front brick and limestone house at 1263 Pacific Street is finally gettin’ some love. When we looked at it last summer it was boarded up; when we drove by last weekend, it was clear a major reno had begun. Turns out the owner got a permit back in December to renovate and change the C of O from a 6-family to a 4-family. Rock on.
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With today’s posting, 1070 Bergen becomes, we believe, the only place to have been a HOTD three times. So far, the extra exposure hasn’t helped bring about a sale. In the meantime, the price has fluctuated a fair bit. Back in October 2005, it was listed at $899,000; then in August of this year it was down to $799,000 before rising to its current ask of $829,000. The current listing provides more transparency than we’ve gotten before. We now know the address and get to see a few interior photos. Gotta say, the place is in much better shape than we would have guessed. The house, it turns out, has been in the same house for at least four decades, maybe longer. Frankly, we’re surprised it hasn’t sold. We guess it could have something to do with that facade, which will cost a pretty penny to return to its former glory.
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HOTD 8/14/06 [Brownstoner]
HOTD 10/26/05 [Brownstoner]
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There’s not a lot of new construction going on in Crown Heights North these days (please let us know about any projects you do know of), but there are some brownstone conversions for condo hunters to look at. There’s a new five-unit conversion in the beautiful five-story limestone house at 1296 Dean Street. Except for the fact that there are no preserved interior details (and, who knows, there may not have been any left to preserve), it looks like the developer did an okay job on the conversion. Nuthin’ special, but nothing stupid either. The one- and two-bedrooms range in price from $450,000 to $550,000, which means the owner’s looking to gross about $2.5 million, a solid million bucks more than the house would command on its own as a one- or two-family. Expect to see more of these. Anyone make it to the open house yesterday?
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New Condo Development [Craigslist]


There’s a discussion going on at about the future of the armory at Atlantic and Bedford in Crown Heights that has been a homeless shelter in recent years. Evidently, Roger Green (who’s catching flack from Brooklyn Papers, among others, for killing the funding of the independent review of the Atlantic Yards project) mentioned at a community board meeting a couple of years ago that he was looking to convert either the Atlantic Armory or the one on Eighth Avenue in Park Slope from shelter to community recreational space. We don’t know what happened in Park Slope, but the one at Atlantic is still very much a homeless shelter–and at least several of the area residents are happy with it that way. Though we gotta admit, we wish we’d seen the Steel Pulse concert one commenter recalls seeing there years ago.
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Another reader writes in...We didn’t have a lot of original detail left in this apartment (we live on one floor of our four family in Crown Heights) when we started our renovation. The entire apartment renovation took about 4 months and was done under a super tight budget of $12,000 for labor, including plumbing and electric upgrades. For the kitchen we spent about $4,000, including labor and appliances (which are basic GE stainless steel).


So what are the odds that the renovation done on this place didn’t totally destroy any trace of original detail? We’d guess about zero. Too bad, too, cuz it’s such a beautiful structure. And as long as we’re guessing, we’d say the location was Crown Heights somewhere. Anyone know for sure? Shlomo’s asking $799,000 for the place.
3 Family Limestone [Craigslist]