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We came across this article on couples teaming up to buy a house together. It was a little inspired by the old world experience of living around nephews and uncles, and it also obviously came from the idea that real estate was so bloody expensive, said Gregg Mitchell, who along with his brother and their wives moved into their new Brooklyn Brownstone last fall. We suspect it had a lot more to do with the latter than the former! As for this being a trend? In the last several months it seems that more and more that when I’m representing a property, brokers will call and explain that they have two couples coming together, said Paul Zumoff, a broker for The Corcoran Group in New York City. We think there is opportunity for some value arbitrage here but is it worth the potential complications? Just make sure you get a solid pre-nup is all we can say.
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After reading about building material recycler Build It Green NYC on Apartment Therapy a couple of weeks ago, we swung by its Long Island City warehouse to check it out. Yesterday’s post on the Services blog reminded us that we hadn’t written it up yesterday. When we visited, Justin was still overseeing the build-out of the vast space and the inventory level was modest. We’d say only about 20% of what they had on hand at the time had any historic charm, but we were still able to walk away with an old arched, paned window for $10. There were some old doors we liked and several old radiators for $20 a pop too. There’s already plenty of standard, charmless stuff like doors, windows, cabinets, etc for very cheap. Bottom line: BIG is still ramping up its operations, but it is still well worth the visit at this point. We hope it will become an invaluable resource in a city where most “salvage” shops are increasingly unaffordable.
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A fellow Brownstoner wrote to us looking to find a good home for this mirrored mantel. (He’s keeping the lower fireplace portion.) He had been considering putting it on ebay but, but decided he wanted it to stay in Brooklyn. It’s probably about 100 years old (the house was built in 1889) and in very good shape. Dimensions are 53″ wide, 39″ high and 8 & 1/2″ deep. Please note, that while the picture shows the entire fireplace, it is only the mirrored mantel top that he’s looking to sell. Please email if you are interested.