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In addition to selling the standard array of old building materials and fixtures, Virginia-based Salvagewrights also specializes in rescuing historic structures. We had the pleasure of accompanying owner Craig Jacobs to the site of a 5,000-square-foot clapboard house that he is in the process of dismantling and moving to the other side of the county. It was being moved to make way for an industrial park. Is anyone aware of instances of entire brownstones being saved and moved to another site in the New York?
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We just got an email from a loyal Brownstoner who recently left Clinton Hill for Denmark. Unfortunately for her, she went out of the frying pan and into the fire:

The market is just as wild in Copenhagen as it is in New York. And everyone just says the same “This can absolutely NOT go on for any longer!” Half the people here are eagerly waiting for the market to crash. We went to an open house for a wreck last weekend and it looked like a block party!!! And it wasn’t exactly cheap!

Kouun wo inorimasu, Julie!


July 13, 2005 — Swedish construction company Skanska said Wednesday it has received a contract worth US$136 million (euro111 million) to construct an environmental project in New York. The order from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection will be included in bookings for the second quarter, the company said. Skanska will build the final phase of the Paerdegat Basin Water Quality Facility, aimed at improving water quality in Brooklyn, New York. The contract includes construction of new buildings and plant facilities. Skanska will also be responsible for installation of control systems, piping, valves and pumps. The contract requires wetland restoration for certain areas of Jamaica Bay. Site work will begin in July with expected contract duration of four years.
Skanska Gets $136M Construction Deal [Forbes]


Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the fact that we spent last week working from the remote reaches of rural Virginia was hopefully undetectable. Despite the slightly slower connection and the distraction of multiple children underfoot, we tried not to let pace of posts slow. We also found time for some local architectural appreciation. While there are plenty of grand old plantation houses in Rappahannock and Culpeper Counties, the most compelling structures to us are the simplest: The clean lines of an old barn or a one-room shack have a quiet elegance that wins us over every time.


North Brooklyn Twilight. Photo by Bluejake
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