WSJ: East Bed Stuy Is Hot


    An article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday looked at all the development happening in east Bed Stuy, where Weissman Equities is renovating a mixed-use building on Bainbridge Street and real estate development firm Brookland Capital recently opened an office, among other things. The article noted the area is popular with home buyers looking for brownstones under $1,000,000, and is up for landmarking. It also mentioned the forthcoming Casablanca bar and grocery store Bed Stuy Fresh and Local. The story implied there was nothing in the area “a few years ago” except Bed Stuy Fish Fry, then awkwardly mentioned community gardens and block parties.

    Prices in Bed Stuy in general have risen quickly in the last year, and now nearly 80 townhouses are on the market there — despite record low inventory of 19th-century row houses elsewhere in Brooklyn, according to DNAinfo. A group called Coalition for the Improvement of Bedford-Stuyvesant (CIBS) is urging seniors there to pass down their brownstones to family rather than sell, and is hosting workshops to help them do it, the story said.

    There Is Life East of Malcolm X Boulevard [WSJ]
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