Wood Frame Bricked Over in Bed Stuy


We’re sad to report that the wood frame at 770 MacDonough has been covered over in brick veneer. We have a soft spot for these old wood frames, and this one appeared to be in near-perfect original condition — a real rarity around these parts. We had figured it would be safe from development because of its location, but we were wrong. This kind of destruction underscores the need for landmarking, although it’s unlikely ever to happen around here because too many buildings nearby have already met the same unfortunate fate. This property was a House of the Day in December, and photos of the interior are now available online. Like the outside, it’s a mishmash. Thankfully, they left some detail (the window moldings and fireplaces) but everything else looks to be gone. We spoke to a prospective buyer we ran into outside, who sounded disgusted with what’s available (wrecks and flips) and the prices. Click through to the jump to see the before photos from November.
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Above and below, the way the house looked in November.

Above, a close up of the old facade. Below, a close up of the new brick veneer facade. The house has lost its window detailing.

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