Where Is Mapleton, Brooklyn?


    The New York Times over the weekend did one of their “Living in…” stories about a Brooklyn neighborhood few borough residents have heard of: Mapleton. Sandwiched between Borough Park, Bensonhurst and Midwood, the shrinking sliver is a melting pot of ethnicities and nationalities, according to the Times. Its 27,000 residents include Chinese and other Asians, Orthodox Jews, Italian Americans, Poles, Latinos, Pakistanis and Russians, among others. Developed from farmland around 1910, the neighborhood consists mostly of one- and two-family brick and clapboard houses, many with porches. Prices for single-family houses start at about $600,000; one-bedrooms rent for about $1,000 to $1,200 a month. Above, a photo of J & V Pizzeria in the business district, taken in January. Are any of our readers familiar with the area?
    Living in Mapleton, Brooklyn: When Is a Neighborhood a Sandwich? [NY Times]
    Photo by 12th St David (taking a breather)

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