‘Burg’s Uniqlo Pop-up Shop Held Over

Photo by a Brownstoner tipster


The Uniqlo pop-up is still here, as this photo from a Brownstoner reader shows…..guess developer RedSky Capital isn’t planning to put shovels in the ground any time soon, and the space has been empty since Spike Hill closed in 2014, so why not?

The small space (just 640 square feet) opened for the holidays at 184 Bedford Avenue, one storefront from the corner of North 7th and the L train. The sign out front now reads “Come in and check out our spring ’17 collection.”

RedSky Capital told the Wall Street Journal back in 2015 it planned to replace the existing small mixed-use buildings at 184-186 Bedford with a new all-commercial one. The developer took out a $23 million construction loan in October, the Real Deal reported at the time.

With Sephora sniffing around another RedSky property further down Bedford, the site of Brooklyn’s first Apple store, the Manhattanization of Brooklyn continues.

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