Two Trees Files Third Round of Domino Permits


Developer Two Trees has filed building applications for the northernmost site in the Domino Sugar Factory development, 262 Kent Avenue, as New York YIMBY first reported. The 281,869-square-foot structure will rise on Site A, between South 1st and Grand streets. In the rendering, that’s the building on the far left. It will have 30 stories and 93 apartments, with nearly equal amounts of residential and commercial space.

The waterfront rental tower will contain 139,208 square feet of residential space and 142,661 square feet of commercial, most of which will be office space.

The second round of permits came earlier this month for Site D at 320 Kent, which sits on the southern end of the site between South 4th and 5th Streets. Just like those filings, architects filed these applications to prepare for infrastructure and groundwork. We don’t know what the exact construction order will be, but Two Trees reps previously said the first building to rise will be on Site E, currently occupied by Havermeyer Park on the eastern side of Kent.

Permits Filed: 262 Kent Avenue, Domino Sugar Factory Site A [NY YIMBY]

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