Tuesday Links


    Bay Ridge Diner Sign. Photo by bitchcakesny.
    Obama’s Surge Deflates Talk of a Bloomberg Run [NY Times]
    Spitzer May Ask to Cap Property Tax Increases [NY Times]
    Bush Admits Economy Faces Challenges [NY Times]
    Writers Donating Book Profits to DDDB [Gawker]
    Rent Hike Moves Fulton St. Hairdresser [NY Daily News]
    Moscow Circus Coming to Greenpoint [NY Daily News]
    Corcoran to Target the Burg in 2008 [NY Observer]
    Buswick Couple Has Deadly Dispute [NY Post]
    110 Amity Plan Stirs Controversy [Brooklyn Eagle]
    Brooklyn’s Best Rated by Zagat [Brooklyn Eagle]
    Report: NYC Economy Will Slow [NY Sun]

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