Trash Bags Full of Urine Fouling Basement and Irking Residents at 301 Cumberland Street


A tipster let us know about a truly bizarre problem in their Fort Greene apartment building. Apparently someone in the building at 301 Cumberland Street has been dumping trash bags full of urine down the garbage chute. And these are not tiny trash bags, they are the kind used in kitchen garbage cans and they are half full of urine–yes we have a picture of the offending bags after the jump.

According to the tipster this has been going on since about November of 2013 with bag after pee-filled bag bursting at the bottom of the chute or leaking after it lands. The basement now reeks of urine and is becoming unusable. Unfortunately the building’s laundry room is also located in the basement. “Our basement has become a truly foul place to go,” said the tipster.

The tipster also says that the building’s owner and management company, Dermot Company, has been aware of the problem for a long time but has not done much to address it until many tenants got together and pressed the issue. Earlier this month the building manager finally posted a note (below) demanding that the culprit (who must be consuming a lot of beverages to produce that much pee) stop dumping bags of urine down the garbage chute. The note indicates that every apartment will be searched to find the guilty party if necessary, but our tipster says that has not happened yet.

Through its public relations firm the Dermot Company emailed us the following statement: “The Dermot Company has been and continues to work closely with the Department of Health, the Police Department and the building’s tenants to identify the problem and determine the proper course of action. We strive to make our tenants feel at home and safe in our buildings, and hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”

Until Dermot or someone else finds the pee bagger (or whatever it is you call someone who does this), it’s likely there will be longer lines at Fort Greene laundromats.

301 Cumberland


And of course, a picture of the disturbingly large bag (or bags) of pee.

310 cumberland urine

Photo of 301 Cumberland: Nicholas Strini for PropertyShark

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