Times: PLG Not Much Bothered by Shootings


    Residents of Prospect Lefferts Gardens are not too concerned about some high-profile shootings that recently occurred just outside the neighborhood’s boundaries, according to The New York Times. The shootings, which took place outside 33 and 50 Lenox Road, were reported by news media as having been located in PLG. While this is true if you go by Google Maps — and, possibly, the NYPD — neighborhood residents and The New York Times agree the shootings took place just outside the PLG boundaries. Residents downplayed the significance of the shootings as something between gang members and a “freak occurrence,” and noted that incidents of violent crime are much more infrequent than in the past. “We never like to hear about a shooting, but it does not change our feeling about the neighborhood,” said George Garber, a retired tour operator. Still, though, the article does raise a question relevant not just to PLG but to many other areas of Brooklyn: What do you make of gang shootings in or close to areas where houses cost well over a million dollars?
    Nearby Shootings Don’t Ruffle a Stately Brooklyn Neighborhood [NY Times]
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