Thursday Links


    Covered in Pacifiers, Trees Signal a Rite of Passage [NY Times]
    Nets CEO Donates $75K to “Bring” Barclays to Fort Greene Youth Club [NY Post]
    D.A. Candidate Wants Hynes CBS Series Scotched [NY Post]
    Dead End on Coney Plaza [NY Post]
    New York Aquarium Bounces Back After Superstorm Sandy [NY Daily News]
    Brooklyn Woman Sues NYPD for Groping [NY Daily News]
    Brooklyn Blogger Weaves Tales From eBay Sales [WSJ]
    AY Platform for Blighted Railyard Gets Delayed [AYR]
    One-off Zoning Variances Key to Success of Williamsburg’s Hasidic Developers [TRD]

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