The Word on Columbia Street


    Every few months there’s an article about how the Columbia Street Waterfront District is becoming a more popular place to live, and the latest such story comes via today’s Post, which says “developers, restaurant owners and old and new Brooklynites are feeling good about snuggling up next to the BQE.” The article has sales updates on some of the neighborhood’s condos that have come to market in the past year or that are in the process of being built: The 17-unit conversion at 25 Carroll Street sold out fairly quickly, with an average price of $670 per square foot; the the 42-unit Columbia Commons sold out last year too, with an average price of $750 per square foot; the 9-unit development at 49-53 Summit Street will be condos that come to market soon, with prices going from $550,000 for a 900-square-foot one-bedroom to $1.4 million for a 2,400-square-foot three-bedroom; a condo at 49 Woodhull Street is supposed to be finished soon, and seven out of 10 units have already sold, with prices ranging from $569,000 up to $950,000; and a townhouse conversion at 35 Woodhull Street is sold out. Meanwhile, there’s a tantalizing tidbit from a One Brooklyn Bridge Park rep who says that the building is “heavily targeting supermarkets and grocery stores,” an amenity that would probably be heavily used by folks who live in the neighborhood to the south.
    BQExcellent [NY Post]
    Photo by Jay Woodworth

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