The Venetian Unveiled


We took a look at The Venetian, Gravesend’s attempt at classical opulence, last year when it was still in the throes of construction. A reader just sent in this photo with the news that all the scaffolding and other construction paraphernalia had recently been removed. Honestly, we’re not entirely sure what to make of it. We had been assuming it would be entirely mock-worthy but it looks a lot better in reality than we had expected. We don’t care much for the roof or those rounded upper corners but the lower floors actually look decent. Plus, judging from the renderings, the interiors are also not as garish as we would have thought. Of course, the whole thing rides on the choice of materials, which is hard to judge without being up close. We’ve got no idea about sales status, though last year Gowanus Lounge reported that condos there were asking $1 to $4 million. What do you think?
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