The Upstater: Churches for Sale in Upstate New York


    Think of the real estate blog Upstater as Brownstoner for the Catskills and Hudson Valley. We’re combing the counties south of Albany, east of Connecticut and west of the PA border for upstate New York real estate that has a special appeal to New Yorkers (especially because you can buy an entire farm house for the price of a studio apartment in Brooklyn). From now on, we’ll be sharing some of our finds in a weekly column here on Brownstoner, and for our debut column we took a look at churches for sale north of New York City. One is a converted chapel, ready for roosting. The others are waiting to be reinvented as residences.

    2847 Atlantic Avenue in the tiny hamlet of Stottville, NY, just outside of Hudson, is the cream of this week’s crop. Beautifully renovated, already fully converted to residential but with many of the most impressive church elements preserved.

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    The steeple has been opened up so you can peer all the way into it, and the three bedrooms carved into the space that was once the altar. Should make for some sound sleep. $350,000. GMAP.

    We wrote this Claverack church up a few weeks ago, and we still think it’s full of potential. Though not yet ready for residence, it’s been plumbed and wired, and someone with keen design sense could make it a beautiful home or live/work space.

    139 Main Street is in the super cool little hamlet of Philmont, which has a delicious restaurant, sweet bookstore and swimmable lake, among other attractions. Overpriced (we think) at $359,000. GMAP.

    Okay, you might not call Putnam Valley upstate, but it’s rural enough to count as country for these purposes, and this was once a sweet little country church.

    The stained glass windows aren’t as beautiful in 729 Peekskill Hollow Road as they are in some other churches, and this place is not yet converted to residential use, but it does have some beautiful woodwork. All the furnishings will be removed, so it’s your blank canvas to play with. $295,000. GMAP.

    If you want to start a school, or maybe a cult, 107 West Main Street in Walden might be the property for you. It even comes with a rectory so you can use the church itself, with its stunning cathedral ceilings, for whatever you want. $449,000. GMAP.


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