The Real Estate-Schools Connection


Over the weekend, the Times examined the relationship between real estate and school zone. Securing a place at a good public school has become more difficult recently, according to the paper; overcrowding and rezoning mean parents can’t count on admittance to certain schools based on where they live. (The recent rezoning of Park Slope’s P.S. 321, above, was cited as a prime example.) The paper offers several methods of coping: Rent until a child is admitted, then move; find an as-yet-undiscovered but good school; move into a developing neighborhood and either send the kids to a school several neighborhoods over or wait or help the local schools to change; move into cheaper housing and send the kids to private. The story related the experience of an editor and music booker who moved from a rental in Prospect Heights to buy an apartment in Crown Heights and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of a new school in their zone. Have any of these methods worked for you?
The Get-Into-School Card [NY Times]
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