The New Yorker Goes Hipster


    The New Yorker discovers the Brooklyn Hipster (complete with food truck in the background) devoting its current Eustace Tilley cover to a hipster rendition of the magazine’s mascot. The artist, Simon Greiner, an Australian who lives in Park Slope, was a quick study, picking up the telltale signs of this particular breed of Brooklynite only a year and a half after moving here. But is he a hipster? “This is not me,” the artist told the magazine, “I certainly move in a world where those people exist—they’re all around me—but they’re not my people. I’ve been identified as a Brooklyn hipster, but I’m sure I’m sort of at the edge of that Venn diagram.” However, the bicycling illustrator admits to one telltale signifier: “I’ve had a beard for as long as I remember.”

    Cover Story: Your Eustace 2013 [The New Yorker]

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