Streetlevel: The Curse of 140 Seventh Avenue


Back in February, we reported on the imminent opening of a Johnny Mack’s spinoff at 140 Seventh Avenue, and infinitejester commented that the space had been home to Elementi from ’07 to ’09, and Snooky’s before that. A debate ensued about whether or not the location was “cursed.” Eight months later, Here’s Park Slope says that the space is reopening as another Italian spot. An anonymous commenter on the blog says, “We need Vietnamese, we need BBQ, what we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED is italian or pizza. And if you look on the NYC department of buildings website, it says this address has just installed pizza ovens.” Did the restaurant gods cast an evil spell on this space, or is it just plagued with owners who don’t want to risk serving anything more adventurous than pizza? GMAP
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