Tenant Punched, Arrests in Sunset Park Rent Strike


A building super at a group of three buildings on 46th St. in Sunset Park allegedly punched tenant activist and strike leader Francisca Ixtilico, sending her to the emergency room at the Lutheran Medical Center via ambulance yesterday afternoon. Ixtilico was attempting to film repairs to the building’s electrical system at the time. Police reportedly arrested the super, Israel Espinoza, as well as neighbor and Occupy Sunset Park organizer Dennis Flores, who said he pulled the building super off Ixtilico. Earlier this month, 51 families at 553, 545, and 557 46th Street started a rent strike to protest ongoing problems with hazardous wiring, vermin, and garbage. The building, which is in foreclosure, has had frequent blackouts and loss of heat during wintertime. The strikers hold a vigil nightly at 6 pm outside 553 46th St. Click on the video link below to see Ixtilico being wheeled off in a gurney, as well as Flores’ arrest, and witness statements.
Update: An article in the Spanish-language newspaper El Diaro says Ixtilico, 65, suffered a stroke as a result of the assault.
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Photo by bogieharmond

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