Poor PLG: Prince Hotel Approved for Parkside

After letting 205 Parkside rot away for years, the longtime owners in 2007 started trying to turn the squatter-filled building into an “apartment hotel,” which sounds like an improvement until you realize what kind of places these guys specialize in. (The Lefferts Hotel in Clinton Hill has a well-documented history as a haven of drugs and prostitution and the violence that often accompanies them, as does the Schermerhorn Prince Hotel.) The DOB rejected the duo’s efforts in 2007 and again earlier this year, but, according to the blog The Q at Parkside, they have just been granted a permit to create a 19-unit complex. How’d they do it? Evidently by saying that the apartments would be used for stays of 30 days or more. Hopefully the community can get the cops to ride this place hard. It’s appalling that landlords with this kind of track record can continue to get approval from the city to do business. As TQAP writes, “We’ll need to be vigilant – any building of this size so close to the Q at Parkside is bound to make or break the feel of the neighborhood.”
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