Structural Weakness at Barclays Revealed, Fixed


    It seems big problems with Barclays Center’s structural integrity may have been swept under the rug during opening days as Forest City Ratner rushed to complete the arena, but now everything is all fixed, The New York Times reported. More than 20,000 inadequate bolts were used to hold together the 12,000 steel panels that make up the facade of the center. The bolts that went in were weaker than what was originally specified for the construction, leading to concerns they would fail. The problem was discovered a month before opening day in September. Engineers determined that 8 percent of the bolts needed to be replaced, and they have been, according to the New York Times. The Building Department said it had not heard of the problem. But Forest City Ratner showed the Times a nine-page letter about the issue it said it had filed with the Building Department the same day Barclays received its temporary certificate of occupancy, Sept. 14.
    Weak Bolts Complicated Barclays Center Early Days [NY Times]
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