State Moves on to Second LICH Bidder


    After more wrangling last week, the state has in fact rejected the winning bidder for the Long Island College Hospital development in Cobble Hill and has turned to the runner-up, The Peebles Corporation.

    The State University of New York released a statement Monday that said they were “unable to reach an agreement” by the deadline, as The Wall Street Journal put it. But Brooklyn Health Partners said it was ready to go through with the deal and had the financing in place. It filed a lawsuit Friday in Brooklyn Supreme Court saying the state was “negotiating in bad faith,” said the story.

    Brooklyn Health Partners said SUNY killed the deal to prevent a full-service hospital at LICH. “BHP’s lawyers are skeptical that SUNY wants a full-service hospital on the LICH campus and do not believe it will negotiate in good faith unless directed to do so by the court,” The Brooklyn Paper quoted Brooklyn Health Partners’ spokeswoman Donnette Dunbar as saying.

    There were too many unanswered questions about Brooklyn Health Partners’ plan, said an unnamed state official quoted in the Journal.

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