Startups Big in Brooklyn


    Brooklyn is a hotbed of startups — not so much digital ones, though there are those, but food based ones. A report this week from the Center for an Urban Future said 19,351 companies launched in Brooklyn in 2011, up 5 percent from the year before, reported The New York Daily News. In other boroughs, the number of startups decreased since the recession began in 2007. “Brooklyn has become a real entrepreneurial epicenter for New York City,” said report author Jonathan Bowles. The types of businesses launched encompass almost every possible category, including food, film, law, furniture and the Internet. Above, food vendors and patrons at the Red Hook Ball Fields. Regulation and a lack of office space could slow the boom, according to the report.
    Startups Booming in Brooklyn, Even During Recession [NY Daily News]
    Photo by Carl Tashian

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