Starlight Lounge in Danger of Closing Forever

The Starlight Lounge, located at Nostrand Ave and Bergen St, in Crown Heights North, is Brooklyn’s oldest gay bar, and perhaps also Brooklyn’s first black owned gay bar. However, the future of this neighborhood institution is looking bleak. As reported on Gothamist, the bar’s manager, Tim Leviticus, is quoted saying, “Without us knowing, the old landlord sold the building — not even giving us the right to purchase it. We haven’t met the new owner yet, but we’ve heard he wants the building to be empty.” The Lounge opened in the 1960’s, and was a popular hangout for the black gay community, as well as welcoming to anyone else who came in. Today, it is popular with both new and old clientele, with dance parties and karaoke nights. The owners are now circulating a petition to have the building and the bar landmarked, to protect it from demolition, and to preserve the Starlight. Information and discussion can be found on the Brooklynian, and more history can be found here.
Brooklyn’s Oldest Gay Bar May Close[Gothamist]
Community Petition For Landmark Status[Brooklynian] GMAP

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