Here Are the Best Sledding Hills in Brooklyn and Beyond

Photo by Mary Hautman


    With a winter full of snow and the need to get out of the house whenever possible, it might be time to venture out to some New York parks and hills for a sledding adventure.

    The city has plenty of iconic and daring hills to brave. From the novice to the experienced, from little to older kids, there’s sure to be a mound just perfect for you and your family. So take a look and try out some of these New York parks for sledding this winter.

    sledding in brooklyn

    Fort Greene Park. Photo by Craig Hubert


    Prospect Park
    Diverse and stunning, there’s sure to be a part of this popular Brooklyn park that’s a fit for your family. You can check out Long Meadow, located in the southwest region of the park, which is a great location for long, steady sledding experiences. Lookout Hill provides a peak worthy of mounting, while Drummer’s Grove is a solid sledding spot with a gorgeous lakeside view.  If you want something more approachable for a beginner, you should head to Endale Arch.

    Fort Greene Park
    There are a few spots to take your sled here, but you will find most kids gathering around the hill leading up to the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument. It can be crowded quickly, so it might not be the best place for beginners, although the park has plenty of room to practice while waiting your turn.

    Sunset Park
    A high-altitude park with diverse slopes for sledders of all levels.

    sledding in brooklyn

    Fort Greene Park. Photo by Craig Hubert


    Morningside Park
    A narrow park that provides daring, steep slopes that are recommended for more experienced sledders. There are still hills for the novices, but overall an above-average difficulty.

    Inwood Hill Park
    With really only one hill to note for this park’s sledding locations, it’s fitting that it’s the namesake of the entire thing. For a swift descent, this steep slope offers an invigorating ride that comes with a view of Spuyten Duyvil Creek and the Henry Hudson Bridge.

    John V. Lindsay East River Park
    Take in the sites of the waterfront as you race down the slopes in this exquisite park.  A great location for younger and older kids alike.

    St. Nicholas Park
    With slopes as benevolent as the saint for which they are named, this park provides amazing slopes for first-timers and people looking for a fun, easy ride. A solid park that’s easily a top recommendation on this list.

    Central Park
    According to their official website, it takes six inches of snow for previously closed areas to be opened up for sledding. So make sure to keep track of the weather before trekking out. Because of the park’s size, there are a few options: Pilgrim Hill, named for the statue at the summit, is a popular choice; Cedar Hill,  a charming hill that has calm and gentler slopes for beginners and younger children; and Great Hill, a tall slope that provides a thrilling descent.


    Juniper Valley Park
    Beloved by all residents of Queens this is a classic spot for all outdoor recreation.

    Astoria Park
    Home to New York’s largest and oldest pool, this is another local gem to visit when the snow comes. You can find it nestled in between 19th Street and the water.

    prospect park snow

    Photo by Susan De Vries


    Crotona Park
    For those in the Bronx searching for some snow day fun, look for the slope behind Ballfield #3 at Crotona Park.

    Claremont Park
    A great local place to bring your kids and have a fantastic snow day.

    Staten Island

    Clove Lakes Park
    Lots of paths and hills to explore to find the perfect sledding location. Just be mindful of the many streams and lakes at this location.

    If you are looking for more amazing hills, here’s the official sledding guide by NYC Parks. There’s still plenty of places out there that aren’t as widely known, so don’t be afraid to lace up your boots, get exploring and have fun.

    Editor’s note: A version of this story originally ran in New York Family. Click here to see the original story.

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