Single Family Townhouse Planned for Corner of Boerum Place and Pacific Street


A reader spotted this rendering on the construction fence at 99 Boerum Place on the corner of Pacific Street (although the address on the sign is 101 Boerum Place). Construction permits call for a single-family house of four stories on a 20-by-60-foot lot.

The rendering appears to show the side of 99 Boerum Place fronting Pacific Street, with parking in the rear. Next door at 101 and 103 Boerum Place are two other modern-style brick four-story single-family townhouses built by the same owner.

At one time, Sotheby’s had a listing for the townhouse at 101 Boerum Place, asking $4,250,000, but the listing was taken off the market in July, according to PropertyShark. The townhouse at 103 Boerum Place sold for $2,250,000 in 2011.


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