Should Crown Heights’ Manufacturing Zone Be Rezoned for Residential?


As rents surge in Crown Heights, pressure is mounting on Community Board 8 to rezone again to permit housing in the industrial-only area there, if we read between the lines of a story by WNYC correctly. The story quotes one area business owner and one community board member who support the idea of permitting residential housing on top of factories. (It also quotes the city’s head of housing and economic development, Alicia Glen, as favoring the plan, but the quote sounds like she was speaking about rezoning the city’s protected industrial zones in general, not Crown Heights in particular.)

The neighborhood was rezoned only a year ago, and CB 8 has in the past strongly opposed residential development in the manufacturing area, saying it would accelerate gentrification. Above, an eight-story mixed-use (commercial and residential, not manufacturing) building is coming to the site of an old brewery on the corner of Dean and Franklin.

But we would not be surprised if developers and the Mayor are eyeing this spot in Crown Heights for a rezoning to permit more new residential development. Do you think there should be apartments on top of factories in Crown Heights?

There Are Still Places in New York Where You Can’t Build Highrises [WNYC]

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