Should Arena Jump Through Hoops for Booze License?


    Tomorrow there will be a public hearing about whether or not Barclays Center should be granted a liquor license, and The Local reports that some in the neighborhood will oppose the license on the grounds that there is still no formal plan that will govern crowd control when patrons exit the venue. For example: “‘It’s premature for them to get community board support for a liquor license when they haven’t even made public any plans for security or crowd control of 18,000 people,’ said Gib Veconi of the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council and a Prospect Heights resident. ‘They haven’t shown how they can protect quality of life for the neighbors.'” Barclays Center officials did not respond to requests for comments about the issue to the Local. Atlantic Yards Report has commentary on The Local article, noting that the main question regards the terms of the license, since so little has been revealed by Barclays Center brass about their plans: “The arena encroaches on a residential neighborhood, as the state overrode zoning that requires a 200-foot cordon around a sports facility. Those returning to the interim surface parking lot would walk on sidewalks as narrow as six feet wide. And the arena code of conduct, promised for this spring, is not yet available. Forest City Ratner officials told The Local they wouldn’t comment on the liquor license application until tomorrow night’s meeting, at 6:30 pm at the 78th Police Precinct, 65 6th Avenue, just a block from the arena.” As the Local notes, though, it’s difficult to imagine a major sports venue not getting a liquor license.
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