Shootout in Saratoga Park in Broad Daylight?


    There was a shootout in Saratoga Park around 5:50 pm Wednesday, according to a message on the Stuyvesant Heights Parents Group message board. Here is what it said:

    “I was just informed by my daughter’s teacher that there was shooting in Saratoga Park yesterday at approx. 5:50 pm — just before the after school program let out. Per the teacher, people were shooting after each other in a number of different directions. There were children in the park and adults were forced to pull them to the ground to protect them. She has suggested we don’t go to the park. Please protect your little people and yourself. Be vigilant, be at the ready and please report anything you see or hear any time it happens. I will be calling the precinct today to request police presence at the parks during peak times where we seem to have the most children (2 pm to 6 pm at Saratoga and the Blue Park at Stuyvesant and Fulton). I urge you to do the same.”

    A followup message said a community affairs officer named Manderson said the shooting was a dispute between neighbors, and that the shooters were apprehended and the guns confiscated. (There were only two shooters, apparently.) The “park is safe and the shooting had nothing to do with the park,” the officer reportedly said. When we called community affairs for more information, we were referred to the department that handles media relations for the entire police department. A spokesman in that department said he had no information about the incident. Did anyone witness or hear about this?

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