Shepard Fairey Mural Pops up in Dumbo


Well-known street artist Shepard Fairey quietly descended on Dumbo earlier this week to create one of his trademark murals on a brick wall outside the York Street subway stop. Gothamist got a chance to speak to Fairey, who told them, among other things, “it’s kind of an awesome irony that I’ve been arrested in New York multiple times and then I’m getting a city wall.” He also had this to say about Dumbo — and the ever-changing nature of New York City: “I think [Dumbo] is in that transitional phase, but it’s a cool neighborhood. There’s no point in having a sort of romantic attachment to a neighborhood the way it was in a specific moment of time because everything is in flux. Shit’s always changing — if you’re bummed about it, go pioneer the next neighborhood.”

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