Cobble Hill Hospital Considers Proposals From Seven Potential Buyers


Six of seven anonymous potential buyers have put forth proposals about what to do with financially troubled Long Island College Hospital, which is sitting on a real estate goldmine in Cobble Hill overlooking the East River waterfront. Details were posted on the website of owner SUNY Downstate, The New York Daily News reported. Most of the schemes mixed apartments with health care, or shrunk the health care offered:

*An out-of-state hospital network wants to sell the complex to a developer, then lease back space to run a hospital.
*A developer proposes to allow the hospital to go on operating, while turning some of its property into apartments.
*A health care company would turn the facility into a “select function hospital,” which would include emergency, mental health, rehabilitation, and family planning.
*Another health care firm would turn LICH into a 100-bed nursing home.
*A medical care clinic proposes to make over LICH into an urgent care clinic, rather than a fully functioning hospital.
*A health care company “said it would team up with real estate developers to keep LICH open,” in the words of the Daily News.

A decision would be made in seven weeks, according to the story. It was not clear if SUNY Downstate execs have the final say. Meanwhile, according to the Daily News, the hospital “is dying a slow death.” In addition to refusing ambulances, it has “ordered its surgical, intensive care, and maternity units to close.” Only 20 of 250 beds were occupied Tuesday, the story said. The hospital’s five buildings and parking lot are estimated to be worth about $1,000,000,000.

Seven Suitors Offer Proposals on Long Island College Hospital [NY Daily News]

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