Sarah Jessica Parker and Clan Moving to Brooklyn Hts?


    Wow, is Sarah Jessica Parker, best known as the ultimate Manhattan die-hard in “Sex and the City,” moving to Brooklyn Heights? That’s what the Daily News reported late on Friday, based on sources who say that Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick are close to signing a contract for adjoining houses on State Street, near Sidney Place. Here’s the report from the News: “‘They loved the West Village but wanted something more private, laid-back and discreet,’ says a source familiar with negotiations. When construction is completed, the combined home would create an urban mansion of approximately 7,000-plus square feet with a suburban-size backyard — perfect for the family’s growing children, son James Wilkie, 9, and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, almost 3. The purchase of the townhomes will be an ‘off-market’ transaction, meaning the houses weren’t officially for sale.” Rumors about SJP and Broderick searching for new homes are very frequently quoted in the gossip pages, to the extent that Parker told Daily Intel not so long ago that her publicist gets upset about the frequent reports and that they “have a very poor record of accuracy. I would say they are maybe 6 percent accurate.” Will see if this one turns out to be true. It was not confirmed by the star’s PR team. Brooklyn Heights Blog has a lively discussion about the rumor in its comments section.
    A Little Bit of ‘Sex’ in Brooklyn [NY Daily News]

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