Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club Opens Next Week in Gowanus


The highly anticipated Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is hosting a soft opening next week on Union Street in Gowanus, according to their Facebook page. They were offering free tickets to anyone who’d like come test out the new courts, but they sold out pretty quickly.

Owners Jonathan Schnapp and Ashley Albert built ten indoor, 50-foot-long shuffleboard courts at 514 Union Street, which had been a 17,000-square-foot warehouse. When the club was first planned, their neighbors were concerned about noise from such a large venue. But Schnapp and Albert have since gained the support of their local community board. Royal Palms promises kitschy, 1960s Florida-inspired decor, including potted plants and retro lawn furniture, as well as grub from a revolving group of a food trucks. They’re also organizing a Brooklyn shuffleboard league.

Gowanus Shuffleboard Club Ruffling Local Feathers [Brownstoner] GMAP

Photo by Gowanus Your Face Off

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