Revised School Rezoning Plan Divides Park Slope


The Department of Education’s revised plan for Park Slope school rezoning leaves parents cut out of P.S. 321 fuming, according to DNAinfo, although it doesn’t touch P.S. 39. The rezoning plans for P.S. 10 and 107 remain as they were proposed last month. The new rezoning plan calls for carving 13 blocks out of P.S. 321’s area. The new plan is “a better fit based on the feedback we’ve gotten,” said Department of Education Director of Planning Carrie Marlin at a public meeting last night where the new scenario was unveiled. The blocks cut out of P.S. 321’s zone fall west of 5th Avenue, as illustrated in the zoning map above. Children living in that area would attend a new elementary school at 211 8th Street, set to open next year. In response to charges that the rezoning would decrease diversity at P.S. 321, Marlin said it would have a “very very minimal impact,” taking the kindergarten class from 78 percent white to 81 percent white. The current plan calls for P.S. 321 assistant principal Elizabeth Garraway to run the new school.
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Image from BOE via DNAinfo

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