Remedial Repairs Forced Upon 476 Washington Avenue


After years of neglect, the owner of 476 Washington Avenue tried to find a buyer willing to pay $1.2 million last year to no avail. So the property continued to sit in a state of neglect, until earlier this month when the Landmarks Preservation Commission and DOB teamed up to force the remedial repair of the frame house, now covered in aluminum. (If an owner in a landmarked area lets a building deteriorate to the point of needing to be torn down, LPC can sue the owner for the value of the property.) Specifically, the permit issued covers the removal of debris from the 1882 house and the yard and the installation of shoring to stabilize the structure (whose beams had deteriorated). As you can see from this photo, the work began yesterday. Hopefully the people who own this place will finally sell it to someone who can restore it its former glory.
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