Remaining Bidders May Take Over Cobble Hill Hospital Together


    In what the Brooklyn Eagle called “jaw dropping” news, the judge on the case asked the three remaining top bidders to come up with a deal that will allow a smooth handover of Cobble Hill’s Long Island College Hospital on May 23. If the three jointly purchase LICH together, it could bring the pile of court cases over the sale to an end.

    Peebles Corp., Fortis and Prime Healthcare Foundation have complimentary strengths, said the judge. Of the three, only Prime promised to keep operating LICH as a full-service hospital. It would need to apply for a New York state license, which the others have.

    SUNY has once again resumed shutting down operations, and stopped accepting ambulances Thursday. It will cease running the hospital on May 22.

    “Three entities get together before five today and come up with something that provides for continuation of health care so the place will not close,” said State Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes. “That’s where this should be going. One entity is strong in one point, and one is strong in another. There are three major healthcare players who have proven their skills to do the job. That’s the logical conclusion.”

    Top LICH Bidders Discuss Joint Purchase of Hospital [Brooklyn Eagle]

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