Rare Preserved Victorian Defaced by Party People


A remarkably intact 1890 Queen Anne in Bushwick that was a Building of the Day in 2010 has turned up in party pictures on Paper Magazine’s web site, the Wyckoff Heights Tumblr noticed. The party looks pretty cool, but never mind that, check out the walls. Apparently the house at 74 Cornelia Street between Bushwick and Evergreen sold for the unusually low price of $275,000 to an LLC on Lee Avenue in July (most likely a Hasidic real estate firm, judging by the address and the explanation on Paper Mag’s site) and has now been rented out. We fear for the future of the building, whose otherwise pristine original bead board walls, fireplaces, wainscotting and other 1890s details have been marred by graffiti at the hands of party-goers. (We don’t mean the art, but rather the stray spray paint on non-painted surfaces, such as mirrors.) The amazing period polychrome dining room — in the photo with the two Hasidic guys — so far looks untouched. (Click through to the Paper Magazine story for all the interior shots.) Apparently the renters are none too happy about the graffiti either, because their Facebook page threatens violence against anyone caught defacing the walls. We can’t understand how this building changed hands for such a low price, considering it appears to be in perfect and habitable condition. Columbia University Historic Preservation’s Bushwiki notes the house was designed by architect Geo Acker and “retains a high level of architectural integrity with much of its original characteristics intact.” It should be worth at least $600,000 to $700,000 — spray paint not included. Anyone been inside?
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