Rapidly Rising Rents Drive out Recent Arrivals in Crown Heights


    Gentrification is proceeding at such an astonishing pace in Crown Heights that newcomers to the neighborhood are already being forced out by increasing rents after only three or four years in the neighborhood, according to a story in DNAinfo. “Watching the gentrification of Franklin Avenue is like watching Williamsburg at warp speed” is how the story put it. The Crow Hill Community Association, which has been working to organize tenants around affordable housing and prevent long-term residents from being displaced, has been deluged with emails from what the story called “second wave gentrifiers,” who said their rents have gone up and they are being forced to move. The story was short on specific examples but may have given rise to a new phrase: A link to the story in Curbed described the phenomenom as “gentrifiers are gentrifying gentrifiers,” and some disappointed would-be Crown Heights homeowners quoted in a New York Times story about the mayoral race over the weekend used a similar phrase, “now even the gentrifiers are getting priced out by gentrifiers.” But the story didn’t actually profile a single person who had to leave the area, nor did it mention rents. Anyone know someone whose rent was raised in Crown Heights and had to move?

    Newcomers Forced out by Rising Rents in Rapidly Gentrifying Crown Heights [DNAinfo]

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