Pratt Community Alerted to Rise in Violent Muggings


Last Friday Pratt Institute brass sent out an email to students and faculty warning them of a reported increase in violent activity near the Clinton Hill campus. The email said, in part, the following:

The NYPD 88 Precinct has reported an increase in robberies within its confines. The robberies are reported to be committed by a group of black males and females approximately 15-16 years of age. It has been reported that the group runs up to the victim, assaults them by kicking, punching, and scratching; then taking anything of value. These occurrences have happened during various times of the day. All students and Pratt community members are recommended to travel in pairs or groups. If you must travel alone consider using a car service. Avoid traveling late at night.

Repeated queries to the 88th Precinct for more information on the rash of robberies yielded no answers, but the precinct’s published report on crime for the 28 days that ended last Sunday shows there were 26 robberies committed during the period, a 37 percent increase from the 19 committed during the same weeks last year. Pratt isn’t the only neighborhood entity that’s been showing concern about safety in the area lately. Clinton Hill Blog has been chronicling appearances of a car in the neighborhood called the “Clinton-Washington Neighborhood Patrol,” a security measure undertaken by the Clinton Hill Co-ops. A couple months ago the Daily News reported that there’s been a big jump in the number of robberies and car thefts in Clinton Hill so far this year.
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Photo by PhillyBlunt.

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